Jay/Medic/Hal. He/pup pronouns; web developer, sparklefur, anthropology student. Tenebrous doctor of the outré, party freak, invertebrate enthusiast, and pest enjoyer!!! Welcome to my theatre of the weird!!! Click HERE to see the website of my incroyable boyfriend..

I like carnivorous flora, pigeon breeding, pest animals, Tokustatsu, TF2, microbiology, museum ethics, funerary science, all things slimy, scary, and spectral, invertebrate husbandry, robots, bioactive vivariums, acaropathology, bryology..

CURRENTLY CULTIVATING... Porcellionides pruinosus!




What's that? A major overhaul, yes indeed!! This site got DRAB. Enter the Hallow's Eve Holopleather Variant!


My wifi is restooooorreedddd!!!!!


New box titles, realigned side tabs, and refreshed my graphics hoard hither & thither.


Constructing a 3D room site here. Check it out as updates are added!!!


Changes!!!!! Cleaned up the code, removed superfluous/unnecessary leftovers from abandoned pursuits. Not anything notable unless you're investigating the source for this site. Plus, new box backgrounds, fancy new marked elements, and some adjusted fonts.


Currently reading: Rappaccini's Daughter. Interesting if you're into the interminglings of plants and humans.


Hylics musical just dropped. I am different. Forever.


Trying (keyword) to figure out a way to upload my zines here and make them accessible. I.e, in readable booklet form. Blagggh.


Yip yip!!!!! Picking up the latest addition to my synthesizer collection tomorrow!!!


Always blogging on the tenth, huh. Aaaanyhow, happy site update Monday! I just enjoyed a positively romantical week with my partner and best pal in a farmhouse. Now its back to business as usual-ish. I can't guarantee any certain level of activity, as I'm juggling this site, my portfolio work, and a whole heap of other stuff all at once X_X. Thank you to the activity/traffic I've endured thus far, though!!! This site will be an eternal work in progress, probably.


EGAD!!! LAPTOP IS BACK TO ME!!! Site updates will be underway shortly!!!


Update!! Laptop is officially off through the mail system and should be arriving for repairs in the next several days. Expect work to still be slow.


Greetings, Holopleather enthusiasts!! Updates are temporarily going to be egregiously slow; my trusty laptop, on which I do most of my coding & house the majority of my important assets, is being serviced for a minor hardware issue. In the meantime, I'll be making remedial updates with a school laptop. Not ideal, but.. still grateful to have an alternative, or whatever. In the meantime, I'll be halting work on my unfiction project and my comic. I'm working on a news column-esque section on an additional page for my site, one to catalogue my years worth of internet oddities and educational articles. Thank you to all of yallz who've viewed or otherwise enjoyed this little site, you guys rock. Do me a favor and check out this week's tune, Hey Steve is seriously underrated.